All About the Doan's of Doan Upholstery

Huy and Marie (Tissy) Doan are the owners of Doan Upholstery. What started as a hobby in the back of their garage soon become a career - with great results.

Huy came from Vietnam in 1975 with his family to a refugee camp. The First English Lutheran Church sponsored him and his family asking them where they would like to move to. As they pointed to Mansfield, Ohio, they did not know what they were in for. Like most everyone else at the time, Huy worked. And worked. Eventually the company that he worked for relocated from Mansfield and left him hanging, but all along Huy was performing miracles on not only his upholstery (a 1974 Camaro) but friends cars and bikes as well.

What started as a hobby soon became a calling. He built a building in the back of the garage and started doing business from there, not realizing that he would outgrow it within 6 months. He then rented a bigger building only to outgrow that in 5 years.

His current location in Ontario, Ohio has been just what the hard working Huy ordered - and is working out well for the masterpieces that he turns out.

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